Follow the bikers of Going South on their adventures though the Americas.


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Going South On Primetime TV!

Posted by Fleur on 10 February 2011

The cyclists’ journeys are over, the footage has been edited, the music has been cleared and the first successful run of Going South on Dutch television has been completed. But it doesn’t end there:  currently all 13 episodes of Going South are back on Dutch TV for a second round of airtime!


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Gilles Frenken: Reflections on 'Going South'

Posted by Fleur on 13 October 2010

Gilles Frenken followed the four cyclists along their journeys through North, Central and South America, filming their experiences and learning some valuable life lessons along the way.


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We have finished the trip

Posted by Asa on 13 April 2010

We arrived at our goal, Ushuaia, the end of the road and of the world, with mixed feelings. We felt happiness of having reached our goal and soon seeing friends and family again, sadness of leaving freedom on the bicycle behind.

Looking back at the travel it has been a wild mixture between wonderful encounters, great landscapes, environmental disasters, courageous and innovative people, roaring glaciers, lush forests, steep climbs and winding roads.

We have been surrounded by friendly and helpful people. We have been gliding around in the sun in some of the coldest and rainiest places on earth. We have hardly been sick and never stolen. We have been lucky maybe but mainly I believe this is the standard when choosing a life on the bicycle. The life can not be easier then when the biggest thing you have to worry about is a broken tire and when every day is filled by exercise, excitement and new encounters.

It has been a great trip!


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Peninsula Valdez- birthday without luggage

Posted by Asa on 11 April 2010

For my birthday the 20th of december we had a wonderful rest from the cycling in our rainy and cold route next to the Andes. In Esquel we took a bus and crossed Argentina from west to east in a overnight bus to arrive the next morning in the warm and sunny Puerto Madryn at the Atlantic coast from where we went to Peninsula Valdez.


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A hike with the bike

Posted by Asa on 10 April 2010

Soon after we left the maritime wonderland at Peninsula Valdez we entered another astonishing area. We crossed the Andes at Futalufu and started out on the among cyclists and adventurers legendary Carretera Austral. I had feared this stretch of the trip as autumn was already in the air and the area is known for beeing extremely cold and rainy.


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We have finished the trip

Posted by Asa on 7 April 2010

After 8 Amazing months, Asa and Javier have finished their trip in South Amrica. The crew of deepeei film productions has met them in the most southern tip of Argentina. Ushuaia.


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The End - Crossing the Panama Canal

Posted by Fin on 12 March 2010

I felt empty and void of any feelings or emotion in the last three days cycling towards the Panama Canal. I couldn't work out why and it was frustrating. Alex beamed with smiles all the way but I was struggling with it and was subconsciously stalling at every opportunity to delay the end. Part of me could not wait for it all to be over but another part of me was worried about what I would do afterwards.


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The Final Week through Panama

Posted by Fin on 10 March 2010

After many border crossings we had become quite relaxed about getting the camera out to film. Unfortuantely when the Panama Customs officials got sight of the $8000 camera they decided we needed a good searching. Asides an extra hour at the border and having to repack all my gear the inspection proved fairly uneventful and we rode off into our final country of the journey.


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The Final Leg

Posted by Alex on 3 March 2010

Crossing into Panama with less than 500km to go, we could not help but feel like we were nearly there. Even though the thought of 500km on a bike would have been inconceivable to me just 8 months ago, it truly felt like we were on the finishing stretch; one road, one country and less than a week of riding. Just as fate would have it however, Panama had a few surprises in store for us.


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The Lungs of Costa Rica

Posted by Alex on 2 March 2010

With only 700km to go and plenty of time, we decided to take a detour and head to the Osa peninsula in southern Costa Rica. It is reputed to be one of the most pristine areas in the country.


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