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Going South Documentary

By deepeei film productions

The production of Going South is in hands of deepeei film productions, created in 2004 with the ambition to make films that inspire and motivate. Going South ultimately reflects this ambition. Films visualise the beautiful things in life.
Our unique stories focus on human beings, their experiences and their (natural) surroundings. deepeei specialises in eye-opening, provocative and adventurous projects.

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Facts about the film

Language: English/ Spanish/ Portuguese
Status: Realised
Duration: 25' minutes
Number of episodes: 13
Format: HD 1018P, 16:9
Distribution: Worldwide



Cinematic Style

Driven by inspiration

Going South contains two different story lines that are creatively interlinked, the cyclists and the solutions. Both have their own cinematic style. The style of the series is documentary and fresh. Going South is a unique blend of curiosity, humor and the exploration of solutions to environmental challenges. Going South is built on the core values of passion, positivity and innovation.

Style of the cyclists is natural, yet totally professional. By being completely exposed to their surroundings, emotions can rise high and our cyclists find themselves face-to-face with environmental issues, their own personal challenges and solutions to both, lifting this series beyond simple educational information. It is the mix of 'the film' and 'the making of ' in which all elements are captured, creating a lively and natural feel. Our reporters are direct, open and ask the questions that you always wanted to ask yourself.

Style of the solutions: Interviews start with a narrator explaining the solution this person has devised. We use a voice-over to introduce the person and their project to the viewers. In a quick scan, we get a glimpse of the project and the contribution it is making to sustainability. Personal motivation and the development process are main topics of each interview.