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Geothermal Power Plant

Energy, USA

At the Chena Hot Springs in central Alaska, Bernie Karl is the proud owner of the first geothermal power plant that is able to produce electricity from water with a moderate temperature of 71˚C. Having proven the possibility to do so, the potential of earth warmed water as a sustainable energy source has drastically increased.

'Going green' as a serious business strategy
This plant is relatively small (400kw) and used to provide energy for the Chena Hot Springs Resort, which Bernie and his wife bought in 1998 from the state of Alaska. The resorts lodges, pool houses, on site greenhouses are all powered and heated by geothermal power. This saves an earlier used 150,000 gallons of diesel, $ 500,000, per year. As Bernie likes to put it: “I am getting paid for doing the right thing”.

All-round eco marvel
Apart from expanding the use of geothermal power Bernie Karl has a dozen of projects going on at the same time. This entrepreneur is like a green tornado, with an amazing drive to explore and develop energy saving possibilities. His power lies in his dislike to wait until universities or large companies have taken years to theorize and debate solutions and in his eagerness to experiment by simply doing it himself. He is now working on efficient LED greenhouse lighting adapted to the needs of plants and bio fuel made from algae oils.