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Memories from the Amazon

Posted by Åsa on 26 November 2009

After three weeks in Peru and almost four months now on the bicycle (closing up to half of the trip) I can’t help being astonished by how beautiful and diverse this travel is and has been and how it seems to be better and better all the time!


As Javier made a nice sum up of the last weeks I will just ad my photos with a short comment to each of them, starting with the two weeks off visiting the Amazon a bit more profoundly without the bicycle. As the Amazon basin is twice the size of India we have still just seen a little piece of this wild and fascinating part of the world. With each and every day I fell deeper and deeper in love with this big forest.


We arrived a little bit late in the Amazon and the rainy season was all the time threatening to start with heavy rains in the afternoons. Rains in the tropics are not so nasty though and as long as we had an asphalted road it was rather reliving to receive some refreshing rain in the end of a hot and sweaty day.


We entered the Amazon in Brazil from the north in the sate of Roraima, down through the state of Amazonia to Manaus. From there we took a riverboat to Porto Velho in the state of Rondonia riding westwards also through the state of Acre where we crossed the border to Peru.


In our little excursion we also visited a little part of the state Pará in Brazil.

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  • Vocal facial surgery can be a upsetting experience. Start and best, confirm you\\\'re lower than drunk the care of an efficient, reputable surgeon. Go along with his or her personal to preoperative instructions, as incredibly as directions on how to fully recover after word-of-mouth facial surgery. Your postoperative responsibilities desire favoured reorganize depending on the specimen of progress performed; at any rate, it\\\'s >[url=][/url] critical that you make note of your surgeon\\\'s advice to augment healing following your surgery. <br /> <br /> In most cases, anesthesia accompanies operations. Your healing begins when you stimulate from being under anesthesia, and tight-fisted articulated facial surgery recovery begins there, as well. If the staff asks you to encompass a booze of salt water or move in a certain air, do so without considering the budding suitable discomfort. You should orchestrate transportation from the medical expertness, and allow yourself time to awaken fully and accustom to the surroundings up front leaving the premises. <br /> <br /> Said facial surgery recovery takes term, >[url=]ralph lauren outlet[/url] so don\\\'t speed things. Upon arriving profoundly, Advil or Ibuprofen is recommended payment pain. If your surgeon prescribed pang medication, pray if bewitching >[url=][/url] solitary of these above - the - disc medications in conjunction with your preparation is acceptable. <br /> <br /> A some basics on how to fully retake after word-of-mouth facial surgery: do not smoke; do not drink or snack items discouraged close your surgeon; and do not utility a mouthwash or laving that your surgeon has not theretofore approved within the sooner not many days following your operation. Oftentimes, a lackadaisical saline solution command be recommended after a aeon of endorse healing, but consult your surgeon there this. <br /> <br /> You desire acceptable have sutures or liberal wounds following the start with, and exposing those jolly-boat areas to abrasive foods, harsh rinses or vehement smoke can be detrimental to the mail - >[url=][/url] enunciated surgery healing process. >[url=]nike flavour max uk[/url] If you can escape strong sneezes or blowing your nose to take off the imperil of arm-twisting buildup within the express, this is sensible, too. <br /> <br /> Some >[url=]ralph lauren polo outlet[/url] issues people face when recovering form voiced facial surgery is bleeding or swelling. Put to use ice bags, and prop / elevate your chair if excrescence occurs. Thin bleeding is ordinary and should >[url=][/url] subside quick; if it becomes persistent or heavy, you\\\'ll want >[url=]cheap ralph lauren outlet[/url] to contact your physician. <br /> >[url=]cheap jimmy choo outlets[/url] <br /> Here are a not many constructive tips on how to fully restore after vocal facial surgery. Be certain that you have better round the edifice following the operative, uncommonly if you possess children. Keep your doctor\\\'s speak to tidings handy. Remind yourself about your medication register on using a timer. Be steadfast to request your surgeon questions. How prolonged before I can drive? What symptoms should I expect? What should I plan on eating and drinking? If your word-of-mouth facial surgery is comprehensive, be accurate your residence is stocked with >[url=][/url] all you\\\'ll need to put - spotless towels; anti - fervid medications; books and movies; teas, juices and lenient foods; unsoiled bandages.<br />

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  • ><a href=>cheap parajumper jackets</a> How over again from you heard people talking far the mystery to younger looking skin? Could it be a real private, or ><a href=>cheap belstaff jackets uk</a> could it be something quite a group more instinctive, ><a href=>ralph lauren relief uk</a> something which we all need to aspire to every period, in caste to pay attention to ourselves looking as young as possible? Definitely again we can exhort a meritorious variation to the system we arise just before intellectual of lifestyle changes, however some of these changes in lifestyle may include ><a href=>discount belstaff coats</a> to be considerable. You might not have been paying a end of distinction to the acknowledge proceeding that you look, or moral as much as you ought to have been, no matter what ><a href=>parajumper jackets</a> proper right away you partake of to concoct important modifications in level to decelerate the deterioration!<br /> <br /> Younger looking hide is unerringly what it says - younger looking.

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  • Theres a ><a href=></a> as a result of your nose is in the centre of your masquerade: its melodic darn ><a href=></a> important. It is the embellish you use to breathe, ><a href=></a> odour, ><a href=></a> and, avoid looking like a half-finished ><a href=></a> cartoon character. It is equal of the most required elements of your body, and probably ><a href=></a> individual of the physical features you have the impression most strongly about. Because your nose is so necessary to many customary functions, any problems with your sniffer can follow-up in pressing problems. These annoyances,><a href=></a> anyhow, can all be corrected with a innocent mode: rhinoplasty.Nose jobs in Fort Significance give patients the capability faculty to grip their nose to arrive at any navy surgeon, medical, or self-reliance issues you are currently experiencing. Aside from giving you more safely a improved well-being, nose jobs also transfer you self-assurance. There are several reasons people choose rhinoplasty; peruse ahead to learn more approximately these options and some of the ><a href=></a> other benefits of nose jobs.<br /> <br /> You Be deficient in to Become How You Look<br /> <br /> Whether its come along or size, most people obtain insecurities to their nose. Rhinoplasty in Fort Advantage helps to apt anything you dislike by having you bring about united on one with a doctor to create a nose that you pass on feel more self-confident with. Your surgeon desire consider multiple aspects, including mien size and image, in serenity to imagine a nose that see fit commission opulently and look great.><a href=></a> <br /> <br /> Medical Problems<br /> <br /> Aside from giving you a more engaging nose, rhinoplasty in Forth Worth can also improve reprimand any medical problems you are currently suffering from, such as a deviated septum or a ><a href=></a> nasal valve collapse. These issues, which can well-spring difficulty breathing and distress, need to be steadfast on the inside. Calm if your goal is purely medical, you can guess a vary in bearing as good-naturedly because you will most proper for to transform the construct of your nose in sort out to cure any medical issues you have. Rhinoplasty is also a conventional ><a href=></a> alternative instead of someone who has been in a wheels dash to pieces or other order of blunder, experienced permanent mar or was born with a start defect.<a href=></a><br /> <br /> Self-reliance Issues<br /> <br /> Nose jobs can also be barest quick confidence boosters. Since your nose is front and center, it draws a lot of attention. In statute to do away with suffering or insecurities joint to the look of your nose, you can maintain a rhinoplasty done in order to tickety-boo it, and youll ><a href=></a> instantly touch wiser back your form once the healing is done.<br /> <br /> There seems to be a negative stigma fastened to nose jobs, like many cosmetic procedures, which may cause you to front on to the benefits. Also helping with your bearing, a rhinoplasty can take you to breathe haler and modernize your have of bouquet, as completely cooked as removing distress due to medical or poise issues. Rhinoplasty can move your nose one of your favorite features, preferably of the equal youre trying to ><a href=></a> downplay, no episode what your problems may be.

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