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Memories from the Amazon

Posted by Åsa on 26 November 2009

After three weeks in Peru and almost four months now on the bicycle (closing up to half of the trip) I can’t help being astonished by how beautiful and diverse this travel is and has been and how it seems to be better and better all the time!


As Javier made a nice sum up of the last weeks I will just ad my photos with a short comment to each of them, starting with the two weeks off visiting the Amazon a bit more profoundly without the bicycle. As the Amazon basin is twice the size of India we have still just seen a little piece of this wild and fascinating part of the world. With each and every day I fell deeper and deeper in love with this big forest.


We arrived a little bit late in the Amazon and the rainy season was all the time threatening to start with heavy rains in the afternoons. Rains in the tropics are not so nasty though and as long as we had an asphalted road it was rather reliving to receive some refreshing rain in the end of a hot and sweaty day.


We entered the Amazon in Brazil from the north in the sate of Roraima, down through the state of Amazonia to Manaus. From there we took a riverboat to Porto Velho in the state of Rondonia riding westwards also through the state of Acre where we crossed the border to Peru.


In our little excursion we also visited a little part of the state Pará in Brazil.

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  • Hej på er!!
    Love your pictures! especially that of the cocoa and the sunset.
    Great to hear from you and follow your adventure.
    Take care.
    Kram Ida

    Posted by Ida Holmlund on 06/12/2009 9:52pm (8 years ago)

  • It's incredible. I thought we've seen some trees but this is absolutely a tree. It is not a tree it's a wall. Thanks for sharing this with us. I love the jungle.
    Take care, Milan

    Posted by Milan Collin on 27/11/2009 11:36pm (8 years ago)

  • Hey Guys, nice to see that you are having a great time. I can only agree that this trip keeps getting better day by day. We are crossing into Mexico in a few days and are so excited. Have a great time

    Posted by Alex on 26/11/2009 5:39pm (8 years ago)

  • Hej Åsa och Javier!

    I am happy to see that you are not only alive and healthy, but also having a great time! Thank you for posting those beautiful pictures and interesting stories.

    Posted by monica nyberg on 26/11/2009 5:05pm (8 years ago)

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